Street Sculpture


Public Art


Palacios’s special focus on how his sculptures relate to and interact with the audience reflects the importance he attaches to concepts which, for him, are intrinsic to public art, such as proportionality with the setting, integration in the existing urban fabric, and respect for those who share the urban space with his sculptural creations.


The outdoor sculptures of Jorge Palacios have appeared at, among other iconic locations, the Trump SoHo in New York, the Monastery of El Escorial in Madrid, the Puerta de Bisagra, Puerta del Sol and Museo de Santa Cruz in Toledo, and most recently in the "Torres de Colón" building in Madrid. He has also participated in international projects for cities such as Toronto, Seoul, Chaco, Panama City and New Orleans.


Follow this link to view photos of some of Jorge Palacios’s sculpture projects for public spaces


Site - specific


Dialogue between Sculpture and Architecture


Palacios’s track record as a creator of site-specific projects reveals his keen interest in establishing a dialogue between his sculptures and their surroundings and the importance of this dialogue for his particular conception of art.


To undertake or materialize these types of projects, Palacios has teamed up with architecture and landscape design firms such as Antana, Otto Medem Arquitectura, Taller de Paisaje, Iberproyectos, ALB Arquitectura Interior, and, recently, the interior design and architecture team formed by Lucien Rees Roberts and Steven Harris in New York. However, over the last 15 years many studios have approached him or expressed a formal interest in his sculpture work, including Maíz + Herrada, J. Franco Arquitectos, ARTECtura, López y Tena, Estudio Arquipablos, Steelcase, Fernando Pozuelo Landscaping, IGGA International Office of Golf and Architecture, the Hernández de la Garza studio in Mexico City, Eric Owen Moss Architects in Los Angeles, and the New York studio of Peter Marino Architect.


Follow this link to view photos of selected sculptures by Jorge Palacios in dialogue with their surroundings